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Data Backup, Archive and Disaster Recovery Management

Our backup solutions enable the data infrastructure needed to efficiently capture, deliver, manage and protect data with superior performance and economics and span physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure, providing greater flexibility with reduced complexity and broad platform support. Our Disaster Recovery Management™ (DRM) suite comprises of Business Continuity, IT Resilience And IT Disaster Recovery Management Software For Physical, Virtual And Private Cloud Infrastructure In The Datacenter. It combines monitoring, reporting, testing and workflow automation capabilities of complex IT infrastructure into a scalable and easy-to-use solution built on industry standards.


NMRM offers “best in class” data backup and archive solutions from OverlandTandberg that are reliable and mindfully built for the SoHo, SMB, SME and Enterprise markets.

LTO Tape is the ultimate solution for a final layer in data protection and archive. Widely used, LTO Tape is recognized as the standard for final data protection processes. Industry leaders believe in LTO Tape because of its definitive reliability, offline security and lowest cost of storage. LTO is the ideal solution for Long Term Data Storage and protection. OverlandTandberg has best solution in this segment.


Xendata is a global provider of cutting-edge data storage solutions optimized for creative video, medical imaging, video surveillance and other applications with high volumes of large files. We provide active archive systems based on LTO data tape, optical disc cartridges and hybrid cloud. Our LTO archives scale to 100+ Petabytes and provide cost effective, secure, long-term retention of file-based assets. When configured as private cloud storage, our LTO solutions provide an attractive alternative to public cloud storage services, such as AWS Glacier and the Archive Tier of Azure object storage. In addition, we offer cloud-based synchronization services that provide file sharing across multiple locations and create a global file system. This boosts the productivity of distribute teams by enabling them to seamlessly share and synchronize files across all locations.


Active archives are complementary to primary disk storage. They represent a tier of storage that is lower performance than fast primary disk but much lower in cost per TB. Archive archives store data that is too valuable to discard where the content may be restored frequently but not intensively like primary storage.

XenData provides tiered storage systems that archive to LTO data tape, optical cartridges and/or to cloud object storage.


Fujifilm, Object data on Tape Creates a Large-capacity Data Platform with Security and Low TCO

As the amount of corporate data increases explosively, safe and low-cost storage is required for BCP measures and analysis and utilization of long-term archive data.
As the use of the cloud service increases, many large-capacity, low-cost cloud storages that can automatically relocate "cold data" that is not actively used on a daily basis to a low-cost storage area are also provided. However, the download cost becomes expensive, and there has been an increase in demand for on-premises storage that takes into account the risk of cyber-attacks.
FUJIFILM Object Archive is a software that allows you to store data in a large-capacity, safe, and low-cost tape storage using the same data format (object format) and usage as many cloud and object storage. The standard S3 compatible API*1 enables transparent integration of tape storage for scalable and cost-effective data tiering.

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