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Promise Technology Inc. is a recognized global leader in the storage industry and the leading developer of high-performance storage solutions, designed for the data center, surveillance, cloud and rich media markets. Always striving to meet the rigorous demands of our customers, Promise has earned a reputation for developing innovative storage solutions for vertical markets which deliver practical answers to the business challenges facing large enterprise corporations, small to medium businesses, security integrators and creative professionals.

When it comes to storage solutions, having the right product to fit your specific usage needs is paramount to success. Luckily, PROMISE has products ranging from easy to use consumer-based storage devices to battle-tested enterprise class solutions.

Products – 

1. VTrack

2. VessRaid

3. Pegasus

4. Sanlink


VTrack -  High-Density Storage, Expansion up to 8 Petabytes

The VTrak J5960 high-density SAS enterprise JBOD storage solution balances high performance and high capacity in a robust, quiet, energy efficient, cool running system. Each unit supports a Petabyte of storage capacity in a compact form factor with scalability potential to over 8 Petabytes per 8-unit cascade. To meet rapidly increasing demand for very high capacity storage, VTrak J5960 provides extremely high density.

VessRaid - Vess A8120

Rack-mount 1U form factor with dual CPU platform design. Includes the option to add a GPU for intelligent video analytics service such as facial recognition, object detection, Video tracking and so on. Throughput of up to 1000 Mbit/s achievable with additional PROMISE storage hardware (Vess R3600). Storage Server with multiple deployment options: Management Server / Recording Server / IVA (Intelligent Video Analytics) Server. Built from bottom up for surveillance ecosystem for top VMS vendors. Cybersecurity vigilance and perpetual rigorous security testing. Strict adherence to Secure SDCL, Open Source Security, and NDAA compliance are built-in. 24/7 PROMISE eSupport portal and phone support available.



SANLink3 N1 NBase-T 

SANLink3 lets you connect at 1, 2.5 or 5Gbps over most existing Ethernet wiring or up to 10Gbps on the latest high-speed networks.

Custom-Designed for the Mac Pro 

THE POWER OF PROMISE PEGASUS STORAGE, NOW INSIDE THE MAC PRO Internal Storage Options for Mac Pro – PROMISE Pegasus R4i RAID Storage MPX Module and Pegasus J2i - to conveniently store and speedily access upto 32TB of data over internal buses.


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