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SSL, VPN, LOAD Balancing and Application Delivery.

NMRM offers Array Networks SSL VPN provides best-of-breed secure remote access, designed to meet the scalability, reliability, flexibility and security requirements of the world’s most demanding enterprise organizations.

Array SSL VPN gateways provide secure remote access to applications, desktops, file shares, networks, and Web sites from a broad range of remote and mobile devices. Deployed at the network perimeter or in front of business-critical resources, the AG provides secure remote access for employees, guests, partners, and other communities of interest. SSL VPNs are ideal for simplifying the user experience while reducing potential attack vectors.

Array load balancing and application delivery provides the availability, scalability, performance, security, and control essential to keeping applications running in their power band. Deployed in front of web and application servers, the APV distributes traffic, scales server pools, maintains persistence, and accelerates applications. Load balancers are an essential data center element, providing a strategic point of control and a first line of defense for mission-critical applications.

NMRM offers product to customer that offers a complete range of application delivery and security solutions aimed at maximizing employee productivity, ensuring always-on availability, optimizing the end-user experience, and guarding business infrastructure against attack and data leakage.

For over two decades, Array has pioneered advances in integrated traffic management and secure application-level communications, setting new standards for innovation, quality, price-performance, and commitment to customer service and customer satisfaction.


Array Application Delivery Platform



Deploy on physical or virtual appliances, hyper-converged infrastructure, or spin up on AWS, Azure or Google.



Deliver any homegrown, open source, or vendor application including Microsoft, VMware, Oracle, SAP and Apache.



Proven solutions for banking, healthcare, manufacturing government, education, and service providers.

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