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Fujifilm is involved in a wide range of business in the three fields of Healthcare, Materials and Imaging through leveraging the expertise we have cultivated in photographic film. We aim to provide valuable products and services, and help to enhance the quality of life of people, as well as progress for society Fujifilm is Providing products and services of Healthcare (Medical Systems, Skincare, Supplement, Pharmaceuticals, Bio CDMO, and Regenerative Medicine), Materials (Advanced Materials, Graphic Systems & Inkjets, and Recording Media), and Imaging (Photo Imaging and Optical Device and Electronic Imaging) 

Fujifilm specializes in:

Data Storage

Fujifilm enable organizations to effectively manage exponential data growth with innovative products and solutions, recognizing the social responsibility to protect the environment and preserve digital content for future generations.

LTO Ultrium Data Cartridge

FUJIFILM LTO tape is here to help you effectively manage your exponential data growth and preserve digital content sustainably for future generations.


Save Data - Air Gap Security

LTO provides air gap security between your data and the network which keeps your data safe from the growing threat posed by cyber attacks.
Offsite tape storage is perfect for use in any remote data storage scenarios. 


Save Future - Sustainable Scalability

As data grows, tape capacity grows with it.
The latest LTO tape format, LTO9, has the highest capacity at 18TB/cartridge (with a transfer rate of 400MB/s).
And Fujifilm and IBM has jointly developed a technology to push tape cartridge capacities to 580TB.


















Data Cartridge Analyser

The FUJIFILM DC Analyser adds security and reliability to your LTO tape backup system.

Convenient Carry Case

We also offer a compact and light carry case for the DC Analyser - protects DC Analyser from shock.


FUJIFILM Object Archive

With the S3 compatible API, this software enables the interaction of the rapidly growing object storage data with tape storage systems, creating a low-cost storage platform with high reliability and capacity scalability.


Object data on Tape Creates a Large-capacity Data Platform with Security and Low TCO

As the amount of corporate data increases explosively, safe and low cost storage is required for BCP measures and analysis and utilization of long-term archive data.
As the use of the cloud service increases, many large-capacity, low-cost cloud storages that can automatically relocate "cold data" that is not actively used on a daily basis to a low-cost storage area are also provided. However, the download cost becomes expensive, and there has been an increase in demand for on-premises storage that takes into account the risk of cyber-attacks.
FUJIFILM Object Archive is a software that allows you to store data in a large-capacity, safe, and low-cost tape storage using the same data format (object format) and usage as many cloud and object storage. The standard S3 compatible API*1 enables transparent integration of tape storage for scalable and cost-effective data tiering.


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